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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

Certification & Licenses
  • Licensed Occupational Therapist in California and Texas

  • Advanced Practice in Swallowing Assessment, Evaluation and Intervention

  • Advanced Practice in Physical Agent Modalities

  • Vital Stim Certified

  • AEIOU Systematic Approach to Feeding Trained

  • Beckman Oral Motor Assessment and Intervention Trained

  • Get Permission Approach to Pediatric Mealtime Challenges Trained

  • Trained in Dynamic Movement Intervention

  • CPR, First Aid & AED trained


Allyson Bates, OTD, OTR/L, SWC 

Feeding Specialist & Child Development Expert

Allyson Bates is a Doctor of Occupational therapy with specialization in pediatric feeding therapy and child development.

Allyson has provided skilled pediatric occupational therapy services to children between 0-21 with complex needs and diagnoses including cerebral palsy, neurological disorders, genetic disorders, autism and developmental delay in an outpatient setting.

She graduated from Wake Forest University with a bachelor’s degree in education, and taught children in Washington D.C. before becoming an occupational therapist. She moved to California to complete graduate school at the University of Southern California. She received her masters degree in occupational therapy, then completed her doctorate degree with a clinical study at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles hand clinic and residency at the Neurological and Physical Abilitation Center. She continued to treat children from all around the world while at the NAPA Center. She relocated to Austin, Texas following the birth of her son.

Allyson is passionate about providing holistic treatment for her clients and sharing her knowledge related to improving her patient's participation in everyday meaningful activities. 


The mission of Eat Play Rest is to provide occupational therapy that supports family wellness through nature connection and community. Allyson creates a nurturing environment for families to confidently develop skills that support child development, balanced family routines and successful mealtimes. Allyson utilizes the outdoor environment and specialized nature-based activities to support children in building skills needed for essential daily living activities and their main occupation-PLAY! She believes that all children should be allowed to learn, grow and thrive in their own unique way and timeline.

As an occupational therapist, Allyson looks at child development from a holistic prospective. She provides parents with individualized knowledge on their child's development and activities to promote health and function for their child. Allyson also plans to further supporting mothers during their postpartum period as she works towards certification in maternal mental health.

Allyson Bates strives to help parents as they learn to create a safe and comfortable environment for their family to love and cherish mealtimes. She believes that developing happy and healthy mealtime and play routines will increase your children’s independence and reduce stress for the family.

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