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"Allyson is the ray of light that shines in the darkness of the life of many parents and children"

Alexandra Anderson, TX

L. W.

"Our son has torticollis, severe plagiocephely, and lip and tongue ties, so he sees multiple specialists -- Allyson is the most important. She doesn't look at his development in a vacuum; she is always thinking of ways to support and improve our daily life as a family. When you're a FTM, it can be scary to let doctors work on your child. Allyson is so confident and gentle with him -- he LOVES his sessions with her (and so do we)!

C. H.

"Allyson is AMAZING!!! She is definitely a wealth of knowledge and experience. Can't say enough good things about her! She is so comfortable with low tone and knows how to push my son within reason, it is an amazing process to see. His core strength and stamina are so much better and his posture is more upright because of his improved strength."

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